Game 3: Lazarus

My third Game Maker game, Lazarus, is now complete, uploaded, and ready for you to try. As with the two previous games, there is nothing to install. Just download the .zip file, extract it, read the ReadMe and run the .exe.

This game is a puzzle game. You are trying to stack falling boxes to help you get out of the various levels while avoiding having the boxes fall on your head. It is also fairly simple, and there are currently only five levels, but there are some elements in this game that were not present in my previous games.

As always, constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this game as I start working on the next one.

Another big thank you to The Game Maker’s Apprentice for providing the graphics and audio for the game, as well as the instructions to get the basic game created. Extra mods beyond what was covered in the book were done for my class assignment.

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