Game 5: Koala-BR8

I have completed my fifth game, and uploaded it to the site. This game is called Koala-BR8, and no, I did not come up with the name. Koala-BR8 was actually quite a lot of fun to put together, as well as quite frustrating at times.

Koala-BR8 is a puzzle game, in which you are trying to move a number of Koalas around in each level, avoiding hazards while trying to get them to the exit. Sound simple? Not quite. The catch is that when you press one of the arrow keys, all of the Koalas on the screen move in the same direction (unless there is something in the way that would prevent one or more of them from moving in that direction). It still sounds simple, but with exploding TNT and moving circular saws to avoid, it can present a surprising challenge.

I enjoyed making this game primarily because, as with Super Rainbow Reef, all of the levels that are included are entirely my own design. That was also what made this game frustrating to make. There are currently only five levels included, with increasing difficulty as you progress through the game. However, I made two or three times as many levels, and discarded them after realizing that they simply cannot be completed successfully. This was a problem that I ran into with the last level of the game, but I liked that one too much to throw it out, so I ended up making several changes to the level to enable the player to complete the level. In doing so, I think I actually decreased the difficulty of the level quite a bit (though it is still quite challenging).

Go ahead and give it a try and let me know what you think. Feedback is always welcome. As with the previous games, just unzip the file you downloaded, read the ReadMe file, then run the executable file. There is nothing to install.

As always, a big thank you to The Game Maker’s Apprentice for providing the graphics and audio for the game.

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