I just had the opportunity to watch the movie Invictus, starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. I have been looking forward to seeing the movie ever since it was released, since I spent several years living in Swaziland, right next door to South Africa, and I was there during the time the events of the movie were taking place.

To my shame, I did not pay much attention to what was going on in South Africa either politically or on the sports scene while I was living in that part of the world. I was young and preoccupied with school, but that really isn’t much of an excuse. So it was refreshing to see a movie that dealt with events that happened very close to home, so to speak.

The movie was well done, but I am not sure many American viewers will understand the portions of rugby that are portrayed in the movie. However, rugby is only part of the movie. There is a great deal of politics present in regards to what Mandela had to work through after becoming South Africa’s president, as well as some of Mandela’s personal history. Overall, a great story and a great movie.

It does make me wonder though, are there any sports that could bring the entire US together as rugby united South Africa in 1995? I rather doubt it.

Go Bokke!

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  1. mom says:

    Glad you like the movie. Yea I guess we should have paid more attend to what was happening in RSA during our stay there. Made me homesick for Africa. Love you mom

  2. thought you might be interested in a related new documentary,Fair Play, which explain why the ‘95 World Cup was so important to Mandela and the world. Here’s a trailer:

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